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Understanding Colour Vibrations

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Many people are surprised to learn that colour projects vibrations which can be picked up by humans.  These vibrations are what people use to associate colour with a feeling. Colour vibrations are so strong that they actually have a physical and psychological effect on humans. The ancient chinese were aware of the effects of colour on humans and this is reflected in the teachings of Feng Shui, more recently modern science has been able to measure and prove the effects of colour vibrations on humans.

The effects of the vibrations emitted by colour are so strong that blind people are able to distinguish colours by the way they feel.

By taking into account the effect of colour on the human body, it is possible to create the right atmosphere for various situations, for example, have you ever noticed that the large fast food retailers use primary colours in their restaurants – bright yellow, bright blue and red, these colours are associated with speed and energy or alertness, this combination of colours are used as a subtle way of saying, eat up and go as quickly as possible. Now think about a child’s bedroom, if you apply this combination, the child is being energised, which can cause the child to have trouble falling asleep, and even when they do eventually fall asleep, their bodies are still being energised, so they may not be getting restful healthy sleep.

Conversely a restaurant, who wants their customers to stay and enjoy their food in a relaxed atmosphere, will use rich deep reds, which stimulate the appetite, while creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. The customer is being invited to stay and because the appetite is being stimulated, they also tend to eat more, thus spend more money in the establishment. You may have noticed, when you go out for a meal to such an establishment, you suddenly feel very hungry within a few minutes and are able to eat more than normal. Using colours such as burgundy in the dining room will have the same effect on the appetite of those in your own home and create an atmosphere conducive with relaxed eating.

Understanding colour, colour vibrations and the effects on the body will help you to choose the right colours for your project, enabling you to not only create the visual effect, but also the atmosphere and mood for the different rooms or areas.

For properties which is up for sale or rent, the suggestion of decorating the property  in neutral colours allows the prospective buyer or tenant to experience the property in a neutral state, allowing their own senses to formulate a concept that suits their personal needs, without the influence of stronger vibrations, either visual or sensory.

With the assistance of a interior house painter, you will be able to create the perfect balanced and atmospheric home or property, to suit your needs and that of others who may use or occupy the premises. Learning to work with colour and colour vibrations can be very beneficial in many ways.