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Does Hiring a Licensed Painter and Decorator Really Matter?

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

When hiring a local Sunshine Coast painter decorator contractor, it is important you check if the contractor carries full insurance and is properly licensed and certified. The importance of a licensed painter and decorator cannot be over stated as it is your guarantee should anything go wrong and also it also proves the contractor is qualified to carry out the work to a high standard.

A professional painter decorator  will carry full liability insurance, which is essential to protect you and your property should anything go wrong. While every effort is made to ensure your property is treated with the utmost respect and care sometimes accidents can happen, if the contractor isn’t fully insured then you could have difficulty claiming compensation for the damage to property. There is also the danger that someone could get hurt during the work, and while every effort is employed to ensure all work is carried out in a safe and conscientious manner, there is always a slight risk that something unforeseen could happen, it is therefore very important that the contractor is fully insured. This not only protects you and your property but also any third party for example neighbors.

Licensed painter decorators are required to prove they are fully trained and qualified in order to gain a license, they are also required to be of good character. The prospective licensee is required to take and pass a Business Management Course for Trade Contractors.  In Queensland the BSA (Building Services Authority) is the government body which not only licenses contractors but also protects the public from defective or poor workmanship carried out by one of their members. The BSA possesses the authority to instruct a contractor to rectify work and they also have the ability to prosecute, impose fines and or remove the license. Another requirement for obtaining a license is holding of qualifications such as the Certificate III Painting and Decorating, which shows the prospective licensee is trained and qualified.

Different trade councils and companies also provide certification usually in specials skills, for example working with different products to the required standards, ensuring work is carried out in compliance with the manufactures instructions and guidance to ensure the best possible results for the client. If your project requires a specialist coating or process then it is important the contractor is trained and where required licensed to carry out the work.

On the other hand, if you are considering hiring a painting decorating contractor from outside of Queensland, you need to check if they have relevant licenses, insurance and certification. So as to be sure that you have all the protection offered by Queensland regulations, as not all areas require their tradesmen to be registered or licensed. Meaning if something should go wrong you don’t have the protection offered by the BSA.

The importance of using a licensed local Sunshine Coast painter and decorator cannot be stressed strongly enough, as it is your security the work will be carried out to the highest standards, and should something unfortunately go wrong, you have a means of recompense.

Stress Free Solution to Interior House Painting

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Hiring the services of professional interior house painters, assures the project is completed to the best possible standards with the minimum of stress and upheaval for the household.

Whether you’re looking to having the whole house painted or just one or two rooms, hiring house painters assures the best possible results. It is good to know that interior house painter are also happy to tackle the jobs that you may find difficult such as painting ceilings or stairways. The professionals have all the equipment to handle these challenging jobs safely and produce the finish you are looking for.

Professional house painters are able to advise on the correct paints and finishes for each job. Some also supply paints which can be difficult to purchase, or can only be available to professionals. Special paints or finishes may require application techniques that require expensive expert equipment.

There is more to painting a house than applying paint; the most important job is the preparation. Preparation can be responsible for more than 50% of the time and work involved in a project. Where necessary, the removal of wall coverings, filling major or minor cracks and holes and paint removal has to be carried out before work on the new decoration can be started. After the surface is made sound, work is required to mask areas, any undercoats or special coating is applied and of course any necessary cutting in carried out. Correct preparation has to be be done and carried out according to professional standards in order to finish the project properly.

When using paints and other chemicals required for decorating, it is important that all safety standards are strictly adhered to.  There are also regulations and rules that may apply to the proper disposal of waste products. Older properties that have been decorated years before with paint which may have contained lead. Today, it is appreciated how dangerous lead-based paints can be, and the professional house painter have the skills to remove the dangerous paint and dispose of it safely. There are strict rules that apply to lead-based paints which have to be followed, whether it’s done by professional or DIY decorator.

It is important that the house painters you employ are fully insured, fully qualified and certified to ensure the contractor is able to complete the project to the highest standards as well in safe and timely manner. It is always suggested that if you are having any work carried out, try and get at least three quotes from different contractors. Where possible, it is useful to inspect work previously carried out by the prospective contractor, this may be easier if the contractor is local. Personal recommendations from friends or family, who have previously used the contractor, also offers a better and more reliable guide.

Working with professional interior house painters means you have access to their years of experience. Only the most skilled craftsmen can assure you that from start to finish, they can perform and complete their job according to highest professional standards, safest procedures are done and they can ensure the you only get results you can be very proud of.

Commercial Painting Services – Working In Partnership With You and Your Business

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Commercial painting services need to be able to work in partnership with the client in order to fulfill the wishes of the client quickly and effectively, while still providing the very best finished results.

Time is money for most commercial ventures, so it is important that the commercial painting services are able to carry out the work in a timely manner with the minimum disruption to the business or its clients.

Working in or on commercial properties requires the craftsmen to be sensitive to the needs of the business. On occasion it may not be possible for the painters to work in an empty building, so they have to be able to conduct themselves in an appropriate and professional manner in order to cause limited disruption to the business, staff and clients. The professional commercial decorator treats the client’s property with the utmost respect, to ensure there is no damage caused. On very rare occasions accidents can happen so it is vital that the commercial painting service employed carries full comprehensive third party insurance, which will allow compensation to be sought if the worst should happen.

Professional painters and decorators are required by law to carry third party insurance, they also have to fulfil strict criteria in order to gain accreditation and be licensed. These rules are designed to offer the client peace of mind that they are employing properly trained and qualified tradesmen who are able to carry out the work safely and professionally to the highest standards. Some premises may require specialist paints and or finishes to be applied in order to meet regulations, the professional contractor will be able to offer the appropriate advice and carry out the work to the required standards.

By employing the services of a professional commercial painting service, you can be sure the work will be carried out to exacting standards with the minimum of stress, disruption or mess.

For a business to be successful it has to appeal to the clients, a shabby, poorly maintained business, be it a hotel, restaurant, office block or other commercial premises, which is poorly maintained gives the impression that the premises are unkempt, which for a hotel or restaurant can prove to be devastating for the reputation of the business and have a negative effect on the finances of the business; keeping up appearances is important as the clients perception of the business is strongly influenced by the décor.

Running a business can be very stressful, but having work carried out on the premises by professional commercial painting services, should keep the stress levels down as the work is carried out with the minimum of disruption and with utmost respect for the client, staff, clientele and property.

In some circumstances specialist paints, coatings or finishes may be required, some of which may require specialised application, with their highly specialised training the professional commercial paintingservices are able to offer all the services you may need.

Understanding Colour Vibrations

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Many people are surprised to learn that colour projects vibrations which can be picked up by humans.  These vibrations are what people use to associate colour with a feeling. Colour vibrations are so strong that they actually have a physical and psychological effect on humans. The ancient chinese were aware of the effects of colour on humans and this is reflected in the teachings of Feng Shui, more recently modern science has been able to measure and prove the effects of colour vibrations on humans.

The effects of the vibrations emitted by colour are so strong that blind people are able to distinguish colours by the way they feel.

By taking into account the effect of colour on the human body, it is possible to create the right atmosphere for various situations, for example, have you ever noticed that the large fast food retailers use primary colours in their restaurants – bright yellow, bright blue and red, these colours are associated with speed and energy or alertness, this combination of colours are used as a subtle way of saying, eat up and go as quickly as possible. Now think about a child’s bedroom, if you apply this combination, the child is being energised, which can cause the child to have trouble falling asleep, and even when they do eventually fall asleep, their bodies are still being energised, so they may not be getting restful healthy sleep.

Conversely a restaurant, who wants their customers to stay and enjoy their food in a relaxed atmosphere, will use rich deep reds, which stimulate the appetite, while creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. The customer is being invited to stay and because the appetite is being stimulated, they also tend to eat more, thus spend more money in the establishment. You may have noticed, when you go out for a meal to such an establishment, you suddenly feel very hungry within a few minutes and are able to eat more than normal. Using colours such as burgundy in the dining room will have the same effect on the appetite of those in your own home and create an atmosphere conducive with relaxed eating.

Understanding colour, colour vibrations and the effects on the body will help you to choose the right colours for your project, enabling you to not only create the visual effect, but also the atmosphere and mood for the different rooms or areas.

For properties which is up for sale or rent, the suggestion of decorating the property  in neutral colours allows the prospective buyer or tenant to experience the property in a neutral state, allowing their own senses to formulate a concept that suits their personal needs, without the influence of stronger vibrations, either visual or sensory.

With the assistance of a interior house painter, you will be able to create the perfect balanced and atmospheric home or property, to suit your needs and that of others who may use or occupy the premises. Learning to work with colour and colour vibrations can be very beneficial in many ways.

Commercial Painters – Smart Solution for Business Property

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Keeping your commercial premises well maintained is essential to give your clients and potential clients the right impression.

Premises which look shabby and unkempt can have a negative effect on the overall impression of the business, first impressions are very important for a lot of businesses particularly hotels, bars, restaurants, clinics, beauty salons etc. if the interior and or exterior décor looks shabby, it can be very off putting. This obviously can damage the reputation of the business and can a negative effect on the financial prospects of the business.

Keeping commercial premises in good order also protects the building itself from deterioration, which can be very expense to reverse. Depending on the business there are legal requirements regarding the condition of the property and falling foul of the rules and regulations can prove to be very expensive and damage the reputation of the business.

Hiring professional commercial painters gives you the assurance that the work will be carried out to the highest standards, with the minimum of disruption and inconvenience to your business, staff and clients. In some cases specialist finishes may be required which has to be carried out by professionally trained commercial painters, to be sure the finish is applied correctly and safely. The professional commercial painters are able to offer advice and guidance regarding any specialist coatings or finishes which may be required, and are also able to offer advice on working with colour.

The professional commercial painter is insured and licenced to carry out all types of painting decorating projects, and has access to all the correct safety equipment and specialist tools which may be required. It is important that any commercial painters you hire has the right paper work in place and carry third party liability insurance, just in case anything should go wrong or accidental damage to property should arise. Without the painter carrying full insurance you would be unable to receive appropriate compensation.

Keeping a business property in good order can be the difference between the success and failure of the business, regardless of the service offered by the company, maintaining standards is vitally important, in some cases a business (particularly food related businesses), there can be serious repercussions if the business premises are not kept up to standard, there are health and safety regulations relating to the upkeep of certain premises and breaching these rules can result in fines and the business being
closed down, until such time as the necessary work has been carried out to the required standards.

Hiring professional commercial painters to work on your project keeps the stress and disruption to a minimum and the professional commercial painter will strive to make sure all work is carried out with the least fuss and mess, often allowing you to carry on your business as normal. Time is money in any business and commercial painters work as swiftly as possible to ensure the work is carried out to the client’s satisfaction, while maintaining safety and quality standards.

Advice on Getting Your House Painting Right

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Whether it’s interior house painting or exterior house painting you are looking to undertake, as professional house painters, we can offer all the housing painting advice and assistance you need to complete your project to the highest possible standards.

Not only are we able to offer advice on which paints or covering would be most suitable we are also able to offer very constructive advice regarding colour schemes, and for exterior work we can advise on any restrictions and or regulations which may apply in your area.

Working with colour and texture can be difficult for many people; there are thousands of different colours, shades and hues, not to mention all the different finishes available, so it makes sense to seek the advice of professionals in order to achieve the results you are looking for. With so many different surfaces and materials inside and outside the home to be considered, knowing which paint or finish is suitable for which surface can be a minefield for the less experienced painter, some specialist coatings not only require specialist equipment to apply them, but also expertise in the application. Something which most DIY’s simply don’t have. If you are considering such a coating then it is advisable to hire an expert as mistakes with some products can be very costly to put right.

If you are considering selling or renting your property, the ‘experts’ recommend you keep all décor neutral. The bathroom and kitchen are considered to be the most important rooms when it comes to selling or renting, so a well presented kitchen and bathroom can be a major selling point. Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring beige or plain white. Professional painter decorators can produce some pretty spectacular neutral themes, to really make the most of the property.

If you are thinking of taking on a paint job yourself, then you need to be aware of the rules and regulations regarding the use and disposal of paints, chemicals and other products associated with the project. In older properties there is a real danger from old lead based paint, ideally the removal and disposal of lead paint is a job for the professionals, as they are carefully trained and licensed to carry out this work in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. There are strict rules and regulations regarding lead based paints, which must be adhered to, as lead based paints are considered to be a hazardous material.

If you are considering painting an area either internally or externally, which is above your head height, then you may want to consider employing the use of professional painters to carry out that stage of the work. Working on any type of platform in order to carry out work is extremely dangerous, and falls from ladders is a major cause of accidents, resulting in serious injury. Rather than risk a conflict with gravity, the safest option is to hire painting contractors, who have trained to work at height and have all the safety equipment to make the task as safe as possible.

There are some house painting scenarios where the best house painting advice has to be call in the professionals. So if you need a sunshine coast painter, then give us a call for a free quote, and advice on how we can help.